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Why The Download Reporter™?

The mission of the Download Reporter™ is to provide industry summary statistics for computer software titles the same way the Neilson Ratings provide statistics for television shows and The New York Times provides information on best selling books.

These reports were originally developed for internal use at UDICo, because we needed a way to better understand and forecast the market. The current software market is much less forgiving than it was in the 80's and 90's.

  • Depressed global economy means less spending

  • More software titles in well defined categories means more competition

  • Better hardware, operating systems and software means less reason to upgrade

There are more titles at a higher level of quality than ever before. What this means is that customers have become more discerning, and that the growth of new software sales is no longer exponential - at least with respect to established market segments.

In order to succeed in the current software publishing industry, quantitative and empirical methods must be applied to product definition and marketing.

The software industry is growing up - and we are growing up with it. While these reports were initially developed for in-house consumption, I hope that this information will be valuable to many software authors. As far as business intelligence goes, we have settled on a low price point so that anyone who is interested in this information can reasonably afford it - if not on a subscription basis, then at least as a one time purchase.

I hope you enjoy The Download Reporter, and remember that we are always here to serve our customers.

Kind Regards,

Adam Greissman

Chief Executive Officer
Universal Data Interface Corporation



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