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What is The Download Reporterô?
The Download Reporterô is a database that is published twice a month. It contains information on market activity that is observed on CNetís Download.com and other web sites. We offer reports on download activity and estimated gross sales per title, as well as details on the software titles themselves, see online documentation for more information concerning report content.

Who is UDICo and What is TierBroker?
Our main line of business is middleware. Our site, all of the transaction processing, our production web mining, this email campaign, etc, are powered by one single server - TierBroker. So you could use TierBroker ($950 for the desktop edition) to create data mining tools for other sites. We can also offer professional services to create systems based upon specifications.

How can The Download Reporterô Help Me Sell More Software?
The Download Reporterô tells you how to sell more software through CNet, because it has information about how your products are doing, as well as how your competitors are doing. In many cases we have found products that could be selling 5 TIMES or 10 TIMES as much software, simply by changing product categories or the language in their product description.

Is UDICo or The Download Reporterô Affiliated with CNet?
We are not affiliated with CNet in any way. Our main product line is software that can be used for web data mining - among other middleware applications. We wrote our Download Reporter production server using our scripting language in less than 500 lines code. This launches a multi-threaded application that gathers detail on 52,000 products in just one hour.

What is in the Reports?
Our online documentation explains everything you need to know about what information is contained in the reports, as well as our methodology for data mining and estimations of weekly gross sales per title.

How do We Create The Download Reporterô?
The Download Reporterô was developed to gather statistics for our own strategic planning. It is also a demonstration of capability, since we access more than 70,000 pages worth of information to build our database on 53,000 products. Everything you see in front of you - this web site, the transaction processing behind it, the harvesting of the statistics from the web, our email campaign management and automated order fulfillment - are done using our TierBroker Server - a scripted platform for building and hosting Web Services applications. Click here to find out more about how you can use TierBroker to do your own data mining.

Do we have reports on what Keywords people are using on CNet?
We don't trap CNet - we just observe their counts. But this information can be determined by inference in several ways. See also How to Use the Download Reporterô



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