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Today’s Featured Company - Macromedia

In this section we honor the great companies listed on Download.com. How powerful is Macromedia? They are like a freight train – of the 26 titles they have listed, most are in the 98th percentile or higher, when ranked by weekly download count.

The real story is that their robust purchase price places them among the highest grossing labels on the net. In download counts, their 51,816 downloads for the week of January 27th account for just a fraction (0.39%) of the +17,000,000 downloads from CNet overall. However, their average title price of $242 compared to the All-CNet average of $81 may give them as much as 2% of the overall weekly sales gross.

In the key categories they dominate, such as Multimedia Authoring Tools (#2189) they frequently have more than one title in the top 5. In the case of #2189 specifically, they hold slots 1, 3 and 4 out of 418 titles. These products are Flash, Shockwave and Authorware. Clearly they are 800 pound gorilla, even among the gorillas.



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