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Do You Need the Download Reporter?

Mentally answer yes or no to the following six questions.
Answer yes for every question that describes your company and no for those that do not.

  1. I already know the market - I don't need to look at my competitors to know how to write great software.
  2. We base our estimated sales on how much we estimate we can sell, which is usually what we did last year plus 20%.
  3. Our potential customer list numbers in the millions. If we capture just 1% of that we'll be successful.
  4. The price is based on the ROI - it can save (or make) a company millions of dollars, and we charge just a fraction of that amount.
  5. Our ad copy and product literature speaks to the business end user. We don't sell software - we sell solutions.
  6. What is the estimated gross weekly sales of my three strongest competitors? A lot, I'm pretty sure a lot.

If you answered yes to:

Yes to All 6 Questions - Immediately purchase the Download Reporter™ and all of the Category Detail breakouts for your industry market group. Next search Google using the keywords "quantitative internet marketing" and start reading. Face it, you've wasted 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars on ideas that don't work. You might as well spend about a hundred bucks on information that could change you life and might save your company.

Yes to 3-5 Questions - You think you know the answers, but you really don't. Your fuzzy understanding of the market will punish you, because your resources of both time and money are not being used efficiently. Take a good look at the gap between where you are and where the #1 product is. Next, go to our order page and purchase the Download Reporter™.

Yes to Zero to 2 Questions - You already understand the value of this information. You probably already use other statistical sources in your market analysis. It's well worth your time to purchase The Download Reporter™, and increase your market advantage. All of our products come with an unconditional money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, we will credit back the amount - you risk nothing, but you might gain important insights that you can't obtain anywhere else.



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