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The Universal Data Interface Corporation Unveils License Adaptor for High Precision Math

NEW YORK, November 4, 2000 - Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo), a middleware software company, today unveiled a new license adaptor for High Precision Math to be sold as part of the UDI software suite.

The High Precision Math adaptor enables the UDI to process transactions with up to 30 significant digits. The previous version of the UDI processed transactions with 19 significant digits. The adaptor specifically targets global financial institutions that transact in high denomination currencies such as the Russian Rubles and the Indian Rupee.

The 23.3 High Precision Math adaptor is sold as an addition to the UDICo's flagship product, the Universal Data Interface. The UDI is a high-speed middleware product that converts high volumes of data and does large-scale transaction management in real time. Its UDI Design Tool allows the creation of conversion specifications by simply clicking, dragging, and connecting icons that are preconfigured for native support of most popular data management products and communications protocols. The UDI Runtime Server performs conversions and transaction management according to these specifications in a small footprint on a variety of platforms.

``As the world of financial transactions makes use of increasingly complex parameters, UDICo is at the forefront of developing software to suit our customers requirements," said Adam Greissman, UDICo's, CEO, CTO and founder. "The 23.3 High Precision Math Adaptor has the highest digit processing capacity in the market. We believe that there is a large market for this adaptor, both for our existing UDI users and new customers."

About Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo)

UDICo is an emerging leader in the data integration needs of today's growing businesses. Founded in July 2000, UDICo's goal is "data without borders" for any enterprise that needs it: data that can be used quickly, openly, and seamlessly across disparate systems. This lets IT departments get back to mission critical projects without requiring the time and trouble to custom code solutions to myriad middleware problems. UDICo is based in New York City and is privately held. For more information, visit www.udico.com.


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