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The Universal Data Integration Corporation Forms Alliances with DB Soft

NEW YORK, September 25, 2000 - Universal Data Interface Corporation, UDICo, www.udico.com, a middleware software company, and DB Soft, a diversified data technology company, today announced a strategic alliance. DB Soft uses "Best of Breed" development tools to implement integrated web based and client/server systems. Their unique design and development facilities allow them to keep development costs under control and quickly develop high quality applications. Universal Data Interface Corporation, has developed the UDI which is the best of breed XML based middleware solution, and was designed to convert tons of data and manage transactions-quickly, easily and in real time, without the need for writing costly code.

DB Soft offers a variety of consulting and application development services. Their services have been deployed to build custom e-business applications, web-enable legacy systems, augment or mentor IT staff, and use it as a catalyst to introduce new, advanced computing capabilities through-out an organization.

The UDI was designed to overcome one of the biggest hurdles facing organizations today; seamlessly linking internal systems infrastructure and connecting it to the B2B environment without using compiled languages like C++, Java, or Visual Basic. Companies that use UDI will be able to access their legacy data and engage in B2B e-commerce faster and more cost effectively.

" We are excited about this partnership with DB Soft. Together we are creating methodology for accelerated deployment of UDI products to enable rapid adoption of standards-based B2B solutions", said Adam Greissman, Founder and CTO. "This partnership operates vast market opportunities, and gives us the manpower and resources to execute our strategic vision."

"DB Soft is committed to playing a significant role in the evolution of the connected global economy, and our partnership with UDICo will clearly be an important part of that," said Larry Plasil at DB Soft. "Together, we have an unbeatable package of products and services for enabling traditional businesses as well as 'dot companies' to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace."

DB Soft was cofounded by Larry Plasil and Jim Barako in 1985. They currently have consulting/design offices in the US and off shore application development centers in the Philippines. Due to the growth spurt of the company, DB Soft will be expanding to a new office located in Paramus, NJ. Their corporate headquarters are located in River Edge, NJ.


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