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The Kenamea Platform Allows UDICo Customers to Receive and Act on Time Sensitive Information via the Internet

NEW YORK, September 4, 2002 - Today at the Wall Street IT-TNG Conference and Expo, Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo), an XML and Web services middleware company, today announced that it has selected Kenamea Inc, a provider of messaging software for enterprise applications, as a partner to provide secure transactional messaging for high performance Web services. UDICo foresees Kenamea's technology as a breakthrough for Web services implementations, providing a significant increase in transaction speed, while minimizing security risks and ensuring transactional integrity. The combined technologies of UDICo TierBroker and the Kenamea Web Messaging Platform has significant implications for financial services applications, providing the ability to outsource back office clearing systems, expose analytical applications as application services providers (ASPs) and development of generic integration applications.

At Booth 103, UDICo is demonstrating a trading application that combines TierBroker's ability to make multiple simple object access protocol (SOAP) calls and the ability of the Kenamea Web Message Platform to provide a secure transport layer for sending and receiving SOAP messages. The demo application sends 500,000 equity trades in a 70-megabyte XML file over the Internet for mark-to-market calculations. The application receives back a daily P&L report aggregated by Trader account and stock symbol. The entire transaction is performed in its entirety in under 2 minutes.

"Up until now, the two major criticisms of Web Services have been that they are slow and not secure. Using TierBroker for its high performance integration and Kenamea for secure, guaranteed transactionality, we now have a complete solution for managing, deploying, and integrating Web services," said UDICo Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Adam Greissman. "We have been testing several systems but only the Kenamea Platform could deliver the performance, reliability, and security in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

"The ability to integrate financial back-end systems with UDICo's best-in-class product allows IT departments to spend less time integrating systems, and more time developing new products and services that drive sales and help build customer relationships," said Kenamea President and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Lounibos. "By leveraging the Kenamea Platform, UDICo now has the solution to enable financial institutions to use Web Services for secure high volume data throughput and integration."

TierBroker is a middleware-driven, Web services toolkit that allows businesses to easily develop rapid data mapping. Providing cross-platform support, TierBroker is a highly flexible tool for parsing XML, pushing data to and pulling data from any data source (databases, flat files, web pages, applications, etc), global transaction system or data warehouse. Its predecessor, the Universal Data Interface, is currently in use in over 50 of the top global financial institutions, providing data to global transaction systems or data warehouses.

The Kenamea Web Messaging Platform is an event-driven infrastructure for enterprise-class applications. The heart of the Kenamea offering is the Kenamea Message Switch, which acts as the reliable, secure, and scalable hub for exchanging information between networked applications. Kenamea also provides a wide range of connectors, adapters and APIs to integrate with all major operating environments, both Microsoft and Java programming models, standard Web browsers, and embedded devices.

To learn more about the Kenamea Platform and to sign up for an evaluation version of the software, visit the Kenamea website at www.kenamea.com/product_over.html.

About Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo)

UDICo is an emerging leader in the data integration needs of today's growing businesses. Founded in July 2000, UDICo's goal is to provide business with data without borders; data that can be used quickly, openly, and seamlessly across disparate systems and allow IT departments to get back to mission critical projects without having to take the time and trouble to custom code solutions to myriad middleware solutions. UDICo is based in New York City and is privately held. For more information, visit www.udico.com.

About Kenamea

Kenamea provides Web messaging software that allows companies to extend business applications beyond the firewall to mobile employees, trading partners, and customers. Based on open industry standards, the Kenamea Web Messaging Platform securely and reliably routes business data between any back end system and any end user application, regardless of device, platform, or network. Founded in August 1999, Kenamea is headquartered in San Francisco with sales offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. For more information about Kenamea, please visit the company website www.kenamea.com.


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