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UDICo Launches First Universal Middleware Solution

UDICo's TierBroker is the only platform- and database-independent data integration system available today

NEW YORK, May 1, 2001 - UDICo, an emerging provider of data integration software, today announced the launch of its unique middleware system, the UDICo TierBroker. TierBroker can process high volumes of data and transactions regardless of the data's source or destination. The product's versatility lets companies get more from their legacy systems, benefiting from the economies available by using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standard for high-volume online transactions.

"UDICo provides a complete, open middleware solution for any size company," said Adam Greissman, CEO and founder of UDICo. "With the ever-increasing number of systems that can't work together, growing businesses need to the ability to communicate seamlessly, both internally and externally. TierBroker's ability to integrate with any system or database makes it a necessary tool for all companies with data integration needs. It allows IT departments to spend less time cobbling together piecemeal solutions and more time working on mission-critical projects."

TierBroker is an upgrade of UDICo's existing Universal Data Interface (UDI) and is officially in beta release. It will be available in three versions, all downloadable at www.udico.com. A demo is available for individuals interested in learning more about TierBroker. It is fully functional and free for those who wish to use it for non-commercial purposes. The standard edition of the TierBroker system provides support for most operating systems and databases. The full Enterprise edition comes with native Unix support and works with a larger list of available databases. Highlights of this updated version include an integrated debugger, a browser-based console to monitor real-time transactions, support for multi-language scripting to implement business logic, and a full-featured, customizable programmer's editor for easy script development.

"Our global clients have had such success with UDICo's product, it made sense to make it available to a wider market," said Bernie Plagman, a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. "TierBroker's platform independence and high-volume transaction speeds allow companies to achieve higher levels of data integration especially with older platforms thus increasing the value of their legacy investment."

The UDICo team was formed in 1993 when PricewaterhouseCoopers built a team of software developers to design a data integration system for their global and domestic clients. The team, including UDICo CEO Adam Greissman, created the Universal Data Interface, which is now called TierBroker. This system has been installed in more than 40 PricewaterhouseCoopers clients all over the world, including JPMChase, Credit Suisse First Boston, Hartford Insurance Group and Nomura Securities. UDICo is now making the TierBroker available for use within smaller companies.

About Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo)

UDICo is an emerging leader in the data integration needs of today's growing businesses. Founded in July 2000, UDICo's goal is "data without borders" for any enterprise that needs it: data that can be used quickly, openly, and seamlessly across disparate systems. This lets IT departments get back to mission critical projects without requiring the time and trouble to custom code solutions to myriad middleware problems. UDICo is based in New York City and is privately held. For more information, visit www.udico.com.


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