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UDICo Selected By e-Acumen for Data Integration Solutions in Energy Industry

TierBroker to build data integration platform with web services capability for AcuRisk, e-Acumen's market-leading energy risk modeling and portfolio optimization tool

New York - March 17, 2002 - UDICo, an emerging leader in the development of middleware and web services technology, today announced that it has been chosen by e-Acumen to create integration and data interface mapping solutions for its e-Acumen's AcuRisk product. e-Acumen is using TierBroker, UDICo's middleware product to interface with the existing trading and accounting systems at the headquarters of a global energy institution in Dallas, TX.

"TierBroker allows us to bring an entirely new level of services to our enterprise clients," said Andy Dunn, vice president of risk management for e-Acumen. "At a corporate level, this new service will facilitate straight-through processing, reduce costs and operational risks. We are confident that TierBroker will provide us with the flexibility and efficiency to focus on the massive data integration needs within the energy industry and to improve our energy risk management capabilities."

TierBroker is a middleware-driven, web services toolkit that allows business to easily develop data mapping capabilities on both the server and the client sides. Providing cross-platform, multiple-OS support, TierBroker is able to push relevant information onto the web, and pull desired information from the web. Its predecessor, the Universal Data Interface, is currently in use in over 50 of the top global financial institutions.

"e-Acumen is at the forefront of creating products that can connect data and complex financial calculators to disparate applications across the enterprise," said Adam Greissman, CEO of UDICo. "A data integration platform that also supports web services will give the energy industry the most up-to-date analytic information available to evaluate business risk. By providing their data integration solution with a web services component, e-Acumen is taking a technology leadership position in the industry and setting the stage for future services to enhance operational and business efficiencies."

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About e-Acumen

e-Acumen, Inc. provides high-end analytics, software and advisory services to risk managers in the power, energy and reinsurance markets. The company offers innovative solutions for the challenges of trading energy and managing risk to maximize earnings, across the full spectrum of competitive energy needs. Its product suite includes AcuPower, AcuRisk, WeatherBook, KiloWeather, AcuOption and AcuVal. The company also provides asset valuation services, as well as risk management and weather derivatives consulting. Venture backers include Perseus Capital, GE Power Systems, East Gate Private Equity Fund III, NewVista Capital Fund II, Japan Asia Investment Company, Woodside Fund IV, CreateLabs, and The Angels' Forum. For more information, please visit www.e-acumen.com.

About Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo)

UDICo is an emerging leader in data integration and web services software. Founded in 2000, UDICo broke off from PricewaterhouseCoopers with a goal of creating "data without borders" both within the enterprise and throughout the Internet, that can be used quickly, openly, and seamlessly across disparate systems. Whether setting up Web services or integrating enterprise applications, TierBroker offers a cost effective alternative to custom development, allowing IT departments to direct their efforts toward value-added initiatives, not system integration. UDICo is based in New York City and is privately held. For more information, please visit www.udico.com.


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