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UDICo Signs Reseller Agreement with Kalysis SA in Spain

Leading Spanish 3G developer/integrator to use and sell TierBroker

New York - November 30, 2001 - UDICo, an emerging leader in the development of middleware and web services technology, today announced that it has signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with Kalysis of Spain. The agreement mark's UDICo's entrance into the Spanish, Portuguese and Mexican market with its product TierBroker, an XML-based middleware and web services toolkit.

"We view TierBroker as world class technology and we are excited offer it to our customers and to use it in our operations," said Diego Antona, managing director of Kalysis. "High-profile clients and partners are assured that we will provide the best standard and optimum middleware to support massive and multi-sources transactions integrated with our developments. There are numerous opportunities that we feel we can sell TierBroker into. XML is becoming an increasingly accepted data protocol broadly; so in Spain, Portugal and Mexico we think this agreement will enable us to capitalize on this new technology standard."

TierBroker is a middleware-driven, web services toolkit that allows business to easily develop data mapping capabilities on both the server and the client sides. Providing cross-platform, multiple-OS support, TierBroker is able to push relevant information onto the web, to reporting platforms or to transaction systems, and pull desired information from the web, global transaction systems or data warehouses. Its predecessor, the Universal Data Interface, is currently in use in over 50 of the top global financial institutions, including JPMorganChase, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Nomura Securities.

"With such a 3G/UMTS future-proof oriented tool in parallel to our developments we will collaborate to increase the own core TierBroker functionalities and demonstrated potential." Antona said, "Both UDICo and Kalysis will reach a new entry point, and a short services and applications time-to-market".

"We are delighted to extend our global market with this relationship," said Adam Greissman, CEO of UDICo. "With UDICo's extensive background in the highly complex data integration needs of the financial industry, we are able to give Kalysis a significant boost above standard software implementation practices. And by using TierBroker's Web services functionality, Kalysis will be able to provide businesses the benefits of the latest technology without having to update their legacy systems."

About Kalysis, SA

Kalysis is an ambitious High-profile TMT Offshore Outsourcing holding. Three main lines: Kalysis Solvere®, devoted to professional services; CyberKalysis®, centered in UMTS & VoIP platforms, and Kalysis IDI®, focused in R&D/Formation, converging in innovative solutions for exploiting IT latent demand. Founded in 2001, Kalysis integrates the best of strategy and technology providing 3G services and products, from innovative E-payment and Authentication solutions (MEI) to Audience Studies devices, where massive transactions have place. Kalysis is a Multinational Society based in Spain and Mexico. For more information, please visit http://www.kalysis.com.

About Universal Data Interface Corporation (UDICo)

UDICo is an emerging leader in the data integration needs of today's growing businesses. Founded in July 2000, UDICo's goal is "data without borders" for any enterprise that needs it: data that can be used quickly, openly, and seamlessly across disparate systems. This lets IT departments get back to mission critical projects without requiring the time and trouble to custom code solutions to myriad middleware problems. UDICo is based in New York City and is privately held. For more information, visit www.udico.com.


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